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The service available at (Site) is operated by Cyfreithwyr Ledled y Wlad Cyf (

Contact Details

Our contract details are:

Post: Care of Darwin Gray LLP, Helmont House, Churchill Way, Cardiff, CF10 2HE.

Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions very carefully.
Please avoid providing detailed information about legal issues when you use the Site.

1. What we do – the Service
The Site provides you with the opportunity to locate a solicitor who can provide legal services to you through the medium of the Welsh language (Service).
We collect general information from you and identify solicitors who may be able to help you because of their location or the type of work they carry out.
We will supply the details you supply to the Site to the solicitor concerned but we do not guarantee that you will be contacted by any solicitor. That decision is up to the solicitors that we notify.
We do not include all solicitors who may be able to help you but only those who have agreed to deal with enquiries through the Site.

2. Information supplied to us
We collect information supplied to us by solicitors who offer services through the medium of the Welsh language. You will also need to input information through the site so that solicitors can see what help you require.
We do not warrant the validity or accuracy of information submitted by you or supplied to us by any of the solicitors.

3. Content of Site
The information on the Site is not intended to provide you with legal or any other professional advice in relation to your specific circumstances as that will be given by the solicitor you select. Any legal information provided on the Site is simply provided for general information.
We do our best to ensure that the information on the Site is correct and up to date but it may become inaccurate over time due to changes in the law. The information on the Site is designed to help you select the sort of services you might require. If you place any reliance on the information on the Site, you do so at your own risk.

4. Intellectual Property Rights
All content on the Site, including its design, is owned by All rights are reserved. Any use of the Site’s content requires written permission in advance from Please see our contact details to obtain this permission.

4. External Links to Websites.
The Site contains links to external websites such as YouTube and Twitter (External Sites). As the External Sites are not controlled by us, we cannot control the content displayed. We do not accept any responsibility for any losses damages or penalties incurred by you as a result of your use of any External Sites.

5. Conduct
You must provide true and accurate information when using the Site. We cannot be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to provide true and accurate information when using the Site.

6. No Solicitor-Client Relationship
We do not guarantee the quality of any work carried out by any solicitor you select.
Completing the online contact form on the Site, or contacting us in any way, does not create a solicitor-client relationship between us. The establishment of a solicitor-client relationship will only occur outside the scope of the Service, between you and a solicitor, once you have accepted the solicitor’s terms and conditions of business.
We do not offer legal advice or representation and does not charge you a fee for using the Service.

7. Disclosure
Due to the nature of the internet, any and all information provided by you through the Site is potentially subject to interception by third parties. By continuing to use the Site, you acknowledge that disclosure of electronic communications sent through the Site may occur.
You should therefore avoid disclosing any privileged and/or specific information regarding matters for which legal representation is sought. Specific information would include, by way of example only, names of persons, businesses, and facts that would readily identify the parties involved in a legal issue or dispute. You should describe any issue or dispute in general terms only. Specific information should only be revealed by you after a solicitor has made contact with you.

8. Personal Data
We only collect your personal information for the purpose of identifying a solicitor who might be able to provide assistance you.
You agree that by releasing any personal details (including but not limited to his/her name, telephone number, email address and location) through the Site or to us, you acknowledge that you have provided those personal details in an attempt to initiate contact with a solicitor.
You accept that by providing personal data through the Site or to us, that you do not have any right to privacy or anonymity under these terms and conditions. We will remove personal data in accordance with guidelines issued by the Information Commissioners’ Office and on request we will remove your personal date from any records we hold.
You confirm that we have the right to obtain fee information from a solicitor in relation to any work carried out by a solicitor on your behalf.

9. Selection of a Solicitor and Liability for Legal Advice
You are not obliged to instruct a solicitor identified by the Site.
If you do decide to instruct a solicitor who contacts you then you accept that we are not responsible for any legal advice or information given by that solicitor to the User.
You may be contacted by more than one solicitor. You will need to choose which solicitor to select.

10. Exclusion
We only accept liability for providing the Service and storing your personal data for the purpose of the Service. So we do not accept liability for any damages or losses suffered by you directly or indirectly arising from any use of the Site by you for any other purpose.

11. Regulation and Referral Fees
Solicitors providing services through the Site should be registered with and regulated by Solicitors Regulation Authority. We are not registered with and regulated by Solicitors Regulation Authority as we are not providing any legal services.
The Service we provide is free to you but if you decide to instruct a Solicitor identified by the Site then the Solicitor will pay us a referral fee of 15% of the fees (excluding disbursements and VAT) charged by the Solicitor to you. The Solicitor must not charge this referral fee to you.

12. Complaints
If you have a complaint about a Solicitor or the service received from a Solicitor, you should contact the Solicitor directly for a copy of the Solicitor’s complaints procedure if it has not previously been supplied to you. If you have a complaint about the Service, the Company, or the Site, you should contact for further information on our complaints procedure.

13. Amendments
We may amend these terms and conditions at any time by posting the amended terms and conditions on the Site.